Weird Media Habits I Sometimes Wish I Didn’t Have

Everyone has some really awkward media habits. If you don’t have at least five awkward media habits, I’m pretty sure then, that you have ONE really nasty one.

To prove that I’m more awkward than nasty, here are five of my weirdest media habits.

Okay, for one- I can not handle badly written English. If I’ve seen more than 5 grammar mistakes in a day, I will most definitely take on the role of an angry passionate Grammar-Nazi, and correct you until you decide to block me on all your social networks.

Secondly, I am a zealous collector when it comes to quoted pictures. Usually it’s just Instagram or Facebook, where when I see a pretty quote on a pretty picture- I’ll screenshot it, and then crop around it, and save it in a neatly kept folder on my laptop called “Pretty Things”.

Oh, and if I go by for more than 2 days without finding anything worth saving, I will go on to Google and search for “Tumblr quotes”, so I can save them.

I like to collect relatable things, and funny things, just so I can send them to people at appropriate times.

And so that I can look at them later on when I’m low.

Awkward, I know. But I’ve found that a LOT of my friends do this too- although not with half the obsession that I have.

Thirdly, I cannot handle it when someone goes offline on me. I AM A HUGE HYPOCRITE, AND I ACCEPT IT. But I really really hate it when I’m talking about something important (in my case, it’s always important) and this other person just goes from green to gray.

Do you know what I do then?

I ramble on about my something important for a while, and then I start worrying about them- like, “did he just die?” “what if he was walking and texting and got hit by a bus?”

Just imagine if it was a real face-to-face conversation. It’s like I’m talking about how much I love doughnuts and this other person just sort of faints on me. So I take him to the hospital, and just when they tell me he’s dead, he screams, “No no, I’m right here! You worry too much!”

Hell yeah I worry too much- who faints in the middle of a conversation about DOUGHNUTS?

Although, I go offline on people QUITE A LOT. And that, I suppose would be my fourth worst media habit.

Fifthly, then, I have that Facebook-fridge problem. You know- the one where I need to constantly check my Facebook, even though there’s nothing there.

Every few seconds, I’ll be checking in on it, to make sure my homepage hasn’t changed. I’ve tried convincing myself, “Look, nothing is going to have changed in the past 0.3 seconds, stop refreshing the goddamned page.”



I don’t think I’m ever going to change.


3 thoughts on “Weird Media Habits I Sometimes Wish I Didn’t Have

  1. Omg !!! I didn’t know that 1st habit of yours…and that third and fourth….hi5 me toooo….i do the same too !!!(ps. Notice that i didn’t use tooo many mistakes or weird acronyms to piss you off 😝😛)


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