I suppose it’s a good thing
that people can’t read each other’s thoughts.
Because I’ve learnt that people are quite cruel in their thoughts. It would only make the world a messier place. Cursed are those who ever get to read minds.

Our thoughts, they make us, and they break us.
And I wouldn’t want to share my insecurities, my feelings,my unhappiness, my pessimism, with anyone else.
I wouldn’t want to affect their moods, or thoughts, like that. The power of our thoughts, our minds, is always underestimated.

I suppose it’s a good thing
that people can’t read each other’s thoughts.
There needs to be at least something- something that we have all to ourselves. Something no one else can intrude upon.


8 thoughts on “Telepathy

  1. On the brighter side, if we could reach one another’s thoughts people won’t be able to pretend to be what they aren’t. That’s a good thing right? No more pretentious people!


      1. No never. I have at many instances found myself thinking that if only I had known what i know now i would be in a much better position. I don’t know if you have experienced this till now but I’m sure at some point, you will. Ignorance is not bliss. You can not keep protecting yourself from the harsh reality. Better face it and learn to handle it than to lie under a blanket of bliss and have your world come crashing down at you without warning.

        Lol anyway i think i got a little carried away with that 😛


      2. That’s one way of looking at it, but you have to be careful with relationships anyway.
        Maybe ignorance isn’t always bliss. But ignorance will follow us everywhere, anyway.


    1. I wasn’t talking about relationships. I’m just saying it would be a lot easier if we could read minds so we would get direct access to understand why they are the way they are.


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