It’s About Time

Giving up used to be so easy, but now all I want to do is keep on moving
Because life has tried to teach me so much, it’s time I started learning.
Times get rough, things get harder; people will always stand against you
In time you’ve got to learn that some things are beyond changing.
The world is how the world is, there’s not much you can do
But try to change yourself, and see the world anew.
People tend to abandon, and people tend to condemn
People cannot stand you happy, but you can’t keep yourself blue.
So many things could get you down, so many things could make you cry
So many things could force you to want to say goodbye
We often forget the Lord above is always by our side
Why do we let the people around manipulate us with their lies
We are who we are, and we are also so much more
We haven’t even lived yet, not half of what we’re made for
Doubt is a part of life, and change is essential
Nothing is ever stable, and nothing is ever sure.
So I won’t let you hold me back, I won’t let you block my goals
You may get a piece of me, but you’ll never get me whole
This world is mine, and mine alone to take
You can’t suffocate my soul.


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