Waking up,

only to go back to sleep.

The days aren’t days,

the nights not nights.

Smiles won’t reach your eyes,

Emotions just aren’t deep.

Experts that we’ve become,

Of living in black and white.

Time is flying,

Awareness, but not enough.


but not thinking.

Good days, or bad,

Don’t matter- it’s always rough.

Whatever floats the boat,

But the boats are all sinking.

Alone, not lonely

Or just too lonely to care.

Waiting, the only patience

We have, is to get through the day.

Believing that we were promised

Happiness, but happy is rare.

So much on our minds,

Hardly anything to say.

Monotony is us,

As we are it.

Grabbing on to anything

To get us by.

Always forgetting,

In us a fire is lit.

Always forgetting,

Monotony is a lie.


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