A Demand for Munificence

With her head in his lap, she read into a book

Or that’s what he thought, whenever he looked

But why would she read into another universe,

When the face she read into, was perfection to hers?


No wizard, nor beast, nor butterfly

No prince, nor dragon, nor maiden’s cry

Could create a fantasy greater

Than the one that they did, together.


She could have hoped and prayed, a few years of meditation

But she’d find no love could ever have beaten his devotion

He could slog and slave for years in Tartarus

For her, he could do what no mortal or immortal has.


And he could have searched the seven seas, and lands

But he’d find no one who’d truly understand

Him, the way she did- she could read into his soul

Together they were a team, a perfect fit, a whole.


So much love between two people could have created a sea,

And if they could have shared it with people like me:

A thousand of us- malnourished- would go well fed with love,

Love that turns soft, the roughest of the rough.


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