Castles In The Air

It is dawn, and it is magical

In so many places on this earth.

That I cannot witness, is inexcusable

For a bird in a cage is of no true worth


I need to escape to a different reality

I need to leave everything behind

To stay sane, I need to change my identity

If I stay in one place, I will lose my mind


I’m yearning for a different city, a different sight

My eyes need a treat, the ceiling is getting bland

I need a new place to spend my cold and lonely nights

I need to find a hundred faraway homelands.


I’m craving a run in the morning at six,

With strangers in a stranger neighborhood.

I’m craving a ticket to the first game, the Knicks

Anticipating the stadium excitement that’ll unfold.


I’m pining for a winter morning in the woods

Or at the docks, reading on my porch

A cup of coffee and warm sweater hoods

My inner peace, a splurge.


I’m hoping for a day out, in somebody else’s car

With a song I never heard on the radio

A different language warning, on a different cigar

A different style of music, on the stereo.


I’m salivating at the thought of food

That I never would have thought existed

New tastes skewered, brewed or stewed

Things I wouldn’t want to not have tasted.


I want to stray away, fulfill my wanderlust

I want to make it count, the thrill

Of living life like a thorough, fast-moving gust

I want to breeze through the rivers, the cities, the hills.


I want to make it all mine, embed it in my memory

Don’t care where the wind takes me, I’ll follow it anywhere

I only know here’s not where I’m supposed to be

In one dark corner of the world, building castles in the air.

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  1. Vanya says:

    This makes me so nostalgic of places I have not even visited.

    Liked by 1 person

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