The Two Mazes: A Reply

Perturbed he is, by this maze in his mind

His thoughts wrap around him like chains; drag him behind

He’s thirsty for repose, but his soul is parched

The gate to his maze- unopened, and untouched.

He’s all alone, and tired too, but ego still remains

He’ll always say he’s doing fine, such nonchalance he feigns.

I know it’s getting harder, the dark clouds have now dawned

He doesn’t realize the maze is an illusion; His mind has him conned.

If I don’t say I’ll walk with him, I’m scared he won’t walk at all.

I can’t have him accepting defeat, I can’t have him crawl.

It reminds me of my own maze; It bleeds of my memories.

I’m almost out but I’d go back in, if it meant I could bring him out with me.

I can see a path around his maze, but one that is long and drudging

It requires unraveling every turn, and everything he’s overlooking

Once he lets me take him through it, he will see just how easy

The bigger maze, life, becomes; one that’s vibrant and breezy.

I know he’s looking for some company, a place to vent and run free

It’s a savage world out there and I hate that he didn’t ask me.

I will intrude anyway, I promised I’d always be there

He keeps forgetting, but I don’t mind reminding him that I care.


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