Chained to my Wreckage

I think I’m lost at sea, and I’ve never been no sailor
With sharp words, she keeps me at bay
Words that pull down on my heart, like an anchor
Stopping it from drifting away


She knows the winds, like she was born from them
She knows the tides, like the son of Poseidon
She plays her cards to save me from mayhem
Not out of love, only to get her job done


It’s fate, a curse from the Gods
That she has to stay back, chained to my boat
Till I learn to row against all odds
Till I prove that in wreckage, I can yet float


If it was in her power, she’d  set herself free
Away from the madness, the wrath of the sea
If it was in mine, I’d never even be
Life has nothing to offer, but agony


Vagaries have tied together vagabonds
Wanderers who hate the world, earnestly
One searches for requital, one tags along
One dies by day, one dies by duty


The shore is a mirage, an illusion, forever out of reach
A figure of endless hope and disappointment
How long will the Gods teach
The same old tediously wretched lesson?


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