The Pinched Middle

People tend to walk away from things that seem a mess
I found out the harder way, but I found out more or less
People will say they love you, but dear you misunderstand
Life is an hourglass, and people grains of sand

You, you’re the point where time gets reversed
The middle of the hourglass, honey you’re cursed.
You get to have a moment, with each grain that passes by
But a moment is all it’ll be, for love is but a lie.

And just when you think that all has settled, and life is a standstill
You’ll see there is a God up there, who’s got no time to kill
He’ll turn the glass back upside down, and the mess reawakens
Oh He only meant to keep time going, don’t be mistaken!
(One side of the hourglass sees God, but dear, one sees Satan.)

Where there is good, there’s evil- you’ve heard of yin and yang
Nature contradicts nature, soon you’ll get the hang
One of these days, when He turns the glass, you’ll think time passed too quick
Raised by mistrust, you’ll look up and say “The hourglass was rigged!”

So ready, to blame the Lord for things you know nothing of
So ready, to take down the Lord for things as fickle as love.
Time slows down when things are unclear, when there’s a blockage at the middle
God has one job- to turn the glass, it’s your fault time is unstable.


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