50 Shades of Grey (1)

I’ve really been wanting to challenge myself this year, as it is the start of a whole new phase in my life. So I decided to work on this project called 50 Shades of Grey, where I interpret the color into 50 different poems. I’ll be posting one every week, so it will be a 50 weeks project stretching over 12 and a half months. I’ve already begun writing them, and initially it didn’t seem like much of a task, but after the first 10 poems it got hard real quick.

Grey is my favorite color. And it’s a beautiful color, too. It really relates to me- and I find myself often referring to it in my thoughts. I hope that doesn’t sound crazy, but if it does- it does.

So here goes.

Friday, 17th June.


50SoG(1): The Burn.


A rush in my brain, so I can warrant no sudden movement

Sometimes I need to lay down till my head stills

In muscles that I never felt before, heavy tremors are sent

One pain for another, that’s how we settle the bills


People always tell me how wrong it is, how damaging

They said that about the red, now they say it about the grey

They don’t know that grey to me, is silver- a silver lining

To the void, the black, of voices and the crap they say


But they always say that- they say that about everything

They’ll look down on anything that helps me through the blues

They say it about the brown and the gold- the drink and the bling

They say it about the way that I feel about you.


You say it too, how I shouldn’t do things that harm me in the long run

But would you prefer me insane? Have me look at insects and sing?

Won’t you understand how painful it is to look too long at the sun

Isn’t that why you look down and around, to just as painful things?


This grey of mine, it keeps me away- helps me keep a grip

So I breathe into that cigarette, till it’s but a butt, and I can’t hear them speak

And I breathe in more, til’ I feel the burn on my lips

At least it keeps me from breathing in the poison that they leak.


You should know.




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