50SoG (2): The Average

50SoG (2): The Average

In this world we live in, two extremes dominate

The Blacks and the Whites, the “mighty” and the “great”

And we, the Greys, we stand by as they fight

There’s an endless war between them, the Blacks and the Whites


When the Blacks stand, the Whites sit

And vice versa, as the vagaries see fit

But we, the Greys, are forever on our knees

Forever in between, forever made to kneel


We are the fallen, the dead ghosts from the battlefield-

The war ground where we lost our passions, where we had to yield

We were the expendables, the worn out and the used

Perhaps because we didn’t realize we had anything to lose


So tell me, if the Blacks go to heavenly skies, and the Whites to burning hell

Where does our place lie, are we the afterlife- shall we forever, on earth, dwell?


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