Gather The Sadists

Am I a monster, for the things that I love?

The smell of the earth when it rains- when it rains blood?

Am I a monster for trying to recreate my favorite scenes

From movies and TV shows- shrill screams and spilled guts?

The world is a mess- yes, it’s a mess anyway

So why am I a monster for wanting to kill half the population?

Why am I a monster for being on the offensive side of the Inferno?

Don’t you see we’re in a very edgy situation?

Why do you want a crowd? Why do you want so many people around?

Stop being so sentimental- we all know the problems we have will all be solved

If we just killed half of them. It’s simple as that, why complicate the truth?

The world, it’s saturated- stop trying to add more than you can dissolve!


If I’m a monster, if my bloodlust is wrong,

Tell me if you’ll be better off with the rapists, the criminals

That make this world so unlivable. If you tell me you’re ready to live

With poverty that doesn’t want to move its status- you’re an imbecile.

Take my word for it, and take my life

Let’s blow a few cities up, let’s stop this heinous crime

Of proliferation of humans, thus ending this exponential pain

Let’s gather the insane, and fix this world one death at a time,
Life without death, you see, is quite mundane.




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