Beyond Repair

Tsunami in my soul, tsunami in my throat, threatening to explode
How much force, how much emotion can you hold, before you have to let go?

To some I am an investment, one they curse when I’m at fault
If I get sidetracked from the cause of my experiment, I bring peril to their vault

Every moment I’m alive is only because I have been invested in,
And money can’t be lost, money is worth living for; love is the sin.

My happiness is figmental, phantasmic, just hypothetically considered when questioned
I’m told I have the option to end the experiment I’ve been placed within, sweet lies of affection

I cannot step outside my lines, it is an audacity to pretend, I am trapped, one corner
Trapped where I cannot move, without the knowledge of my footsteps reaching my investors

I am dead to the bones, I am a machine now; God forbid I live forever
Take my screws out, someone kick my motherboard in-

Pick apart my limbs, leave me severed.
Beyond repair.


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