Dear Gypsy

Dear Gypsy

Can you bring me some peace from the valleys you speak of?
Can you fill it in a jar and carry it in every caravan you travel in?
Is it too heavy? I don’t know how it weighs, I’ve never had some
Can you carry it on the back of your camel, to my canyon of sin?

I can’t fathom what I would do with it, but I could do with a little calm.

Tranquility, I’ve heard of it- it’s been known by many names
Silence, perhaps, but silence that bears contentment I lack
Can you wade through the waters, after the burn of the sand?
Can you make the journey for me; will it be hard to go back?

I wouldn’t want you to fall into my home, hell is hard to climb out of.

Can you take the chance, will you follow the crumbs?
The crumbs of hatred, resentment, anger, faithlessness?
Is it too much to ask for? Or do you love me enough?
Maybe when you get here, you can pull me out of this mess?

Now that really is too much to ask for, love only takes you halfway home.

If you let me be honest, I’ve got no one else I can count on
They say you can only find peace if you don’t know where it is
But I don’t know what I’m looking for, so give me a taste?
Let me touch, feel, see, or hear what it is they call bliss.

Gypsies have the privilege to travel the two worlds, but you call it a bane

And I don’t understand it, is it painful to travel?
Do you get tired of reaching the valley, but never getting to stay?
Do you get tired of reaching the canyon, but never falling in?
Do you get tired of always, always being stuck in the grey?

Is it better than having a home, a grand castle, in my canyon of sin?

Maybe if I could come with you this time, I’d know.



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