Ad Hominem

Ad Hominem

People talk, of gardens and meadows

But I was just a desert; lonely, mellow

Gardens are used to frequent visitors,

Loved ones, frolicking laughter

And when I speak of the muck and sweat

That comes with the heat; drained, wet

Leaving no water for your blood, you dry out

Toiling, dragging your feet forward through no route

You know why you wouldn’t want to come by,

I am a scorched desert without pilgrims, you know why!

But you do not realise how I value the ones that pass through me

The ones I have nothing to give to, but sorrow, and misery

Gardens provide beautiful sights and beautiful scents, pleasure

And everyone comes around, for the leisure

But with so many short-stay visitors, appreciation is slow

Gardens do not love the ones that come and go

Like sand, I was welcoming, an impressionable, open labyrinth

And you walked all over me, leaving nasty imprints

Of your claws on me, wounds digging into my soul

It was a windless summer, and I felt dry, like you had dug holes

You searched for water, in a place with none

You could have just asked, I gave my all to the sun

You dug and dug, until I was drier than I used to be

Like bullet holes, I bled, you dug right through me 

I wailed and wailed away, endlessly 

Shrieks, cries of pain, and at my Gods, fury

Why couldn’t you, you monster, find a garden to thrash

Why choose a desert, like nobody had?

Why would you come, with promises of love,

Only to take away my faith thereof?

You made me crueler, you made me create

The mirages I show to the others who knock at my gates

But you forgot, and so did I, 

My best friend, the wind of night

Couldn’t see me squirm, and swayed and swayed

And blew your barbaric imprints far away

And all signs of your existence, lividly

Were erased from my memory, 

Every grain of my sands that you touched

Blew away, and you were forgotten

As you deserved.



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