More Mountain Than Plain

Is it okay, for me to hate my brain,
Or soul or spirit, or anything that controls me?
Is it okay to despise the thing
That poses as a puppet master?

Pulling strings inside me,
Or shall I say, nerves

It is a scientific age.

One second I am but unopposed
Or I only think I am
The next I am acting of its accord
And dancing to a foreign beat, who am I?

Identity is important, I do believe
And if one has one too many, or simply none at all

The mind is not a safe place.

I speak for all who have reached a time
When they should for sure know who they are
Who have seen their sisters and brothers grow
Into the people that define them

Yet lie in a predisposition of having
No predisposition at all

I speak for the unhoned.

Once I was told, I was not ready for a job
Perhaps only to be set aside,
It stuck, however, that I needed to be
Perfected, for both job and life

I have yet to reach my plateau
But I have peaked too many times

I suppose I must be, eternally,

More mountain than I am plain

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  1. johnhyde95 says:

    Its really good to see you back.

    Liked by 1 person

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