The Unknown

The Unknown.


For the longest time, when I’ve woken
I have only wanted to go back to sleep
Go back to fantasies, go back to void
Go back to drowning, go back to the deep

How could I ever explain to you
The intensity of this pain
The zap of this lightning
The acidity of this rain

How could I ever explain to you
A sickness that no one has understood
A madness that moves slowly, is unholy
A life that is nothing but hollow wood

A flute, a flute
Afloat, in this music
It sways me away
And sways me again

I am so flaky, can’t you see
Reliability is unknown to me
I don’t know who I am
How do I pick who to be

I am but a current
before you even know it, gone
Questions float, was I ever here
Or was I forever in the unknown

This void is in my head
No, no. It is not metaphorical
I have many metaphors for it
But this void has found its home
I am so tired

Katy, I hate being a plastic bag
I’ve been drifting, I’ve been lost
I have no control over the winds
I can’t go on like this

All I lack is love,
and it is not possible
to give me any more than
I’ve already got

I am asking for too much,
today and always.
This is the weirdest rant
I’ve been on in a while

one person will read this,

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  1. Just a reader says:

    Always felt alone in such a world, afraid of everything knowing someone, thinking about them, speaking with them, letting them into my world desperately hoping that they don’t judge and regretting letting that person in for the rest of my life. So, I just stop the person from entering with a smile not even word. That’s how scared I am. But now convincing myself that what is beyond my control is what makes worth living so giving that a try. Will see where it goes from here! Any experience that can help me?


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