crimson, scarlet


very subtle differences, between crimson and scarlet
i could never recognise, all i see is red
surprising, for how many times i have bled
was i asleep, or just blind when you weren’t in bed?

it is my mistake, i’m sorry i didn’t expect
trust is a ridiculous thing, it’s a sort of neglect
i suppose i was too busy watching my step
to see that you had stumbled and sidestepped

i was too busy counting my mistakes
to notice when the oceans turned into lakes
to notice when the lakes turned into streams
to notice when the streams turned into dreams

i said i wouldn’t agree to being a distant memory
now i must reconsider, i can only sigh at the treachery
i still cannot understand, how easily you lie
day after day, night after night

i thought i had gotten rid of my crimson, my red
when i met you, and now i see that all you did
was turn crimson to scarlet, and pose as divine
as if you were turning water to wine

now all i am, is marooned
on the mainland, nothing to water my soul
and if i were to die for it, i would never
ask for a drop from you

-i cannot keep making my mother’s mistakes-

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