Infidelity 04.16

seconds tick past
they really do tick
time is heavier
quantums, visible

light years away
i have found a home
i’ve left you back here
i cannot make my way back

it is indefinite
how long this will take
one day you will know
this weight assures me

i cannot keep this burden
i cannot lie to a man
who has no idea when to
stop giving, stop loving

how do i tell you
when it went wrong
how it went wrong
why it can’t be the same

how do i tell you
when i decided your worth
how i couldn’t appreciate it
why i needed an escape

i never stopped loving
the parts that can’t not be loved
i never stopped giving
and so you never noticed

it’s not you, it’s me
i was wrong, i’m sorry
i have a problem, help me
i still love you, forgive me

all these lies, i cannot add
to my already long list
all these lies, i cannot let
burden my soul again

there is no other way
we must part, we must leave
we must not ever look back
we must bear the pain

all by ourselves.

(i still love you enough to not let you love me)

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