safer together

sometimes the music i play
scares me; and it isn’t that it is loud
or that it means harm- no it’s simply that
i fear that it will speak to me

it has been seven long minutes
and this melody takes me to memories
and this song hadn’t even
come to life, when i was dying of it

i am running, past the Mary Janes
through the tulips, i do tiptoe
my mother calls out to me from yards away
“Don’t go past the daisies”

i think she knows
-yes, most definitely, she knows-
she hears me wipe my eyes under the tree
where i sit writing my dementia down

she hears me and sees past
my words. she sees past my “i understand”s
and respects my “I understand”s
she knows my secrets

i no longer mind, i welcome her to my patch
of daisies -she is not new to it
and in the distance, i hear my father too
i suppose it won’t be long

before he joins us here.

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