Let me call him Angst for now
For now it’s all I feel
His gentle hands around my neck
Conform to stainless steel

Hushed my sorrows
Swallowed them whole
Crushed my heart to spice our meal
Lost sight of all my goals

Angst has a sense of style
He delivers with grace
He talks his talk and
could never lose face

Angst’s mind is different
He entices woman and child
And men too would respect him
And my heart would just go wild

Yet Angst has his indifference
And while that makes him so
It makes it hard to keep him
His lovers keep him cold

Angst tells me that he loves me
His pistol’s full of smoke
Angst hits me with his bullets
And doesn’t notice when I’m broke

He thought I was hooked forever
But mother knows me best
I cannot stay in longing
I was impatient in the nest

I threw my head back this time
I’m leaving Angst behind
For many women would want him
If he didn’t occupy my mind

Angst I say goodbye
For loving you is torture
Angst I say goodbye
You may love another

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