An Offer I Wouldn’t Refuse.

As I lie on the ground, in the ruins of my haven

I look beside me, and I see a few bugs upturned

And squashed and broke; Hades has taken.

I figure that death, it has to be earned


And Hades did not find me worthy

Not as worthy as those bugs.


A line has been drawn, the universe has rules

I cannot live upto the standard regulations

God must like me, He doesn’t usually hand chances to fools

As liberally as they fail to keep up with the rest of His creations


Or does He hate me? There are moments of doubt.

Why would he keep me tortured, otherwise?


I have no future, none at all.

And no one that knows me can love me

I am bound to sadness, frequently I fall

Back into habits that make me sorry


Can it be true that I have a sick mind?

Can it be true that I have no home at all, no haven, no fight?


My sadness is quieter now, I hurt much silently

There are no storms, no hurricanes, no screams

None that you can hear, none that you can see.

You’ll hear the roar, amplified but bleak.


Not fighting, yet not giving up

Death remains an offer that I wouldn’t refuse.


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